Have you lost or found a pet?
If so, please call 740.593.6651 and let us know!

If you have in fact lost a dog, please check with the Athens County Dog Shelter as it may be there. Click Here to be directed to the Athens County Dog Shelter on Petfinder. The shelter is also an adoption center. There are many wonderful dogs available for adoption, maybe one that is perfect for you! They are open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10:00 to 5:00, Wednesday 10:00 to 7:00, Saturday 10:00 to 1:00 and Closed on Sundays (hours may be subject to change).

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Found Dogposted on 04/22/15

White/Black long haired. Female. Black ears. about 8 lbs.  No collar or tags.  Found in the Dowler Ridge Road, New Marshfield area.  Dustin..740-517-8061.

Lost Miniature Poniesposted on 04/19/15

A family has lost their 2 miniature ponies from the pasture at their home, located between Route 550 and Peach Ridge Road in Athens. Both are male, brown in color with blonde manes. One has a white face, and runs slower than the other. Please call 740-517-6739 or 740-447-3355 if you see these ponies!

Found Dogposted on 04/13/15

Female Chihuahua, mature in age, brown in color with grey on her face.  Found on the west side  of Athens.  Call 590-3635.

Lost Kittenposted on 04/13/15

Grey in color, nine months old.  Wearing a white collar, lost in the area of the Convo.  Call 856-8406.

Lost Bulldogposted on 04/11/15

There is a lost American Bulldog mix, he’s tan and white and is wearing an orange collar and a shock collar. He comes to the name Louie and was last seen on Lemaster Road in the Plains. Call Travis at 513-403-2587

Lost German Shepherd Mixposted on 04/10/15

Lost German Shepherd/Rottweiler Mix. He’s wearing a red collar with white bones on it, and comes to the name Kutler, and was last seen in Nelsonville behind the Sonic, running toward Tri-County. Call Ashley at 740-517-8109

Found Dogposted on 04/06/15

A friendly, well taken care of, female black lab mix…short/fat…wearing a tan collar…no tags…found in the area of Bunker Hill Road, Route 356, Zaleski State Forest.  Linda 740-591-4517, Ashley 740-856-5301, Josh 740-851-3853.

Lost Mini Dobermanposted on 04/03/15

There was a lost miniature doberman last seen in the Plains around the Athens High School. She is very scared and has jerked out of her collar. Call Samantha at 740-541-3522.

Found Dogposted on 04/03/15

Female Black Lab mix, pointed ears with some white on her chest.  Timid but friendly, wearing a camo collar with no tags.  Found in Albany on Lowery Road.  Call Nancy @ 740-698-3595.

Found Catposted on 04/02/15

There was a found female white cat with no collar that was found North Point Drive in Athens. Call Kit at 740-594-3402.

Found Three Legged Dogposted on 03/27/15

There was a found young beagle that has three legs and is missing the missing right hind leg. Not wearing a collar but was found around May Avenue in Chauncey. Call Dana 740-818-8638

Lost Black Labposted on 03/23/15

There was a lost female black lab with white chest and paws. She is wearing a black and white collar with skulls on it along with tags, and comes to the name Dixie. She was last seen in Nelsonville. Call Samantha at 740-517-5233.

Found Catposted on 03/18/15

Orange Tabby, wearing a multi-colored collar. Found in Nelsonville near  Subway on 33.  Call Elizabeth @ 740-279-8614.

Found Dogposted on 03/12/15

There was a found white dog with dark spots across his face that was found on West State Street near the Middle School in Athens. He’s wearing a camo collar with no tags. Call Melanie Rudolf @ 937-903-3000

Lost Dogposted on 03/12/15

Female Mini Schnauzer, salt & pepper in color.  Wearing a red collar with tags, her name is Jordan.  She went missing from the Carbon Hill area.  Call Brenda @ 753-4942.

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