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If so, please call 740.593.6651 and let us know!

If you have in fact lost a dog, please check with the Athens County Dog Shelter as it may be there. Click Here to be directed to the Athens County Dog Shelter on Petfinder. The shelter is also an adoption center. There are many wonderful dogs available for adoption, maybe one that is perfect for you! They are open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10:00 to 5:00, Wednesday 10:00 to 7:00, Saturday 10:00 to 1:00 and Closed on Sundays (hours may be subject to change).

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Lost Dogposted on 10/17/16

Female Jack Russell Terrier, white body and brown on her face.  She is not wearing a collar and her name is Nala.  Missing from the Athens area.  Call 740-265-6711

Found Dachshundposted on 10/14/16

There was a found female dachshund, she’s brown with a little white on her chest and has short hair. He was found around the Convocation Center in Athens. Call Steve at 740-592-9459

Found Dogposted on 10/11/16

There was a found beagle dachshund mix, female, grey, well-trimmed and well taken care of. She was found around the Wonder Hills area. Call Patrick at 740-541-9050

Found Dogposted on 10/10/16

Male Great Dane, black & white in color wearing a Harley Davidson collar.  Very friendly, found in the New Marshfield area off SR 56.  Call Mandy @ 740-664-4464.

Found Catposted on 10/10/16

Found gray and white cat at the Strouds Run Campground, Sunday evening 10/9. Very friendly.  Gray patch on nose.  740-707-7200 (more…)

Lost Dogposted on 10/04/16

Female Chihuahua/Pug mix, tan in color with some black down her back, she is not wearing a collar.  Her name is Gracie and she is missing from the Chauncey/Millfield area near the CB Radio Club on SR13.  Call Linda @ 740-591-4493

Lost Dogposted on 09/30/16

Female Dachshund, black in color not wearing a collar.  Her name is Candy and she is missing from the Sand Ridge Road area.  Call Scott @ 740-541-7771.

Found Retrieverposted on 09/22/16

There was a found golden retriever found on Old 33, she has no collar on and was seen running with a chocolate lab. Call Rachel @ 740-591-9342

Lost Cat (see picture)posted on 09/22/16

Male, neutered, charcoal grey in color with a white face, chest and legs.  His name is Rocky and he is missing from Sunnyside Drive in Athens.  Call Lois at 740-593-2687 day and 330-980-6297 after 4 pm. (more…)

Found Dogposted on 09/21/16

Female,  looks like a German Sheppard mix, small in size ans is  very friendly.  Wearing a grey flea collar with reflectors on it.  Found in Spreading Oaks Trailer Park.  Call Chris @ 740-416-9455.

Lost Dogposted on 09/20/16

Male Dachshund, brown in color with long hair,  Wearing a green harness, his name is Chuck.  Lost in Happy Valley Trailer Park off Radford Road.  Call Jay @ 740-517-2685.

Found Dogposted on 09/19/16

A Gold Lab Mix…4-5 years old, very healthy, female.  No collar. Found at the top of Old 33 near Longview Heights and Pleasant View. She was being taken to New Beginnings Animal Center.  Corey 740-541-2744.

Found Kittenposted on 09/14/16

Found Yellow kitten at GoMart on 56. Contact 740-591-8165.


Lost Yorkieposted on 09/12/16

Lost older male Yorkie, mostly grey with brown black and white fur. He is not wearing a collar and his name is Jesse. He was last seen in the Plains on Harper Street. Call Karen at 740-517-9736 or Wayne at 740-707-5272.

Lost Catposted on 09/12/16

Male, neutered, black and white in color. Weighs about 13lbs and his name is Spunky.  Lost in the Albany area on Brooks Road.   Call Jason @ 740-508-2420. (more…)

Lost Dogposted on 09/08/16

Male- Hound mix, black and white in color and small in size.  Wearing a red collar with no tags.  Missing from Nelsonville past the Regional Jail area.  Call Julie @ 740-591-7416.

Found Dogposted on 09/06/16

Black dog, looks like a Lab or Lab-mix, yellow collar, very shy.  Found in the  Albany area, call 740-698-6316.

Lost Dogposted on 09/02/16

Female Blue Healer, she is a cattle dog, bluish/white in color.  Not wearing a collar, she is 8mths old and her name is Dusty.  She is missing from the Coolville Ridge area.  Call David @740-591-4563.

Lost Kittenposted on 08/31/16

2 mths old, Calico & white kitten.  Name is Cleo, not wearing a collar.  Lost in the Nelsonville area.  Call Janette @ 740-274-2862.

Found Dogposted on 08/26/16

Female Boxer, brown and white in color.  Wearing a turquoise collar, found on SR 50 towards McArthur.  Call Mike @ 740-707-7711

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