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If so, please call 740.593.6651 and let us know!

If you have in fact lost a dog, please check with the Athens County Dog Shelter as it may be there. Click Here to be directed to the Athens County Dog Shelter on Petfinder. The shelter is also an adoption center. There are many wonderful dogs available for adoption, maybe one that is perfect for you! They are open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10:00 to 5:00, Wednesday 10:00 to 7:00, Saturday 10:00 to 1:00 and Closed on Sundays (hours may be subject to change).

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Lost Dogposted on 06/27/16

Male Weimaraner, grey in color and he has a full tail.  About 10 yrs old and wearing a black collar.  His name is Jack and he is missing from Millfield.  Call Jennifer @ 740-331-9159.

Lost Catposted on 06/26/16

A male Grand Black Tiger Striped named Tesla went missing from his home at 255 West Union in Athens either the night of 6/25 or early morning 6/26. He is around a year old and very friendly. If you see this cat, please contact 248-941-2839.

Found Dogposted on 06/26/16

A black and white long-haired dog was found within the vicinity of Hooper Ridge Road in Athens. Please contact Jody at 740-448-2896 if this is your dog

Lost Dogposted on 06/23/16

There was a lost Black Lab/German Shepherd mix, all black, very friendly, last seen around Central Avenue in Athens. He’s wearing a grey and black harness and comes to the name Sawyer. Call Jimmy at 937-510-5911

Lost Catposted on 06/23/16

Deborah is a ginger/black cat. Wearing a pink collar with a bell.  Lost in the area of Charles Street/Sells Park, Athens.  Mary 740-592-2123.

FOUND DOGposted on 06/20/16

A male black lab/collie mix with no collar was found near the Elm Golf Course.
Call (740) 592-5850

Found Dogposted on 06/06/16

Black ion color looks like possibly a Shiatsu mix.  Wearing a collar with tags.  Found on State Street in Albany.  Call Teresa @ 740-818-7269.

Lost 2 dogs (see pictures)posted on 06/06/16

LOST on 6/2 -TWO dogs from Pleasant Hill area. One black and white terrier and one hound.

CALL 740 589 0051

Found Houndposted on 06/06/16

Found female hound past New Marshfield near Carbondale. Nice dog, appears lost, no collar.740-590-6178. (more…)

Lost Dogposted on 05/31/16

Female Pit Bull, brown and white in color.  Walks with a limp and is a bit on the heavy side.  She is not wearing a collar and her name is Honey.  Last seen on Walnut Street in Nelsonville.  Call Mindy @ 614-364-1972

Found Dogposted on 05/26/16

Female, looks like a Hound/Retriever mix, light tan in color.  Maybe about 7-8 wks old kinda thin.  Not wearing a collar, found on Marshfield Road.  Call Debbie @ 740-590-1371.

Found Small White Dogposted on 05/22/16

Found small white dog near Nelsonville on Old 33 two land road near the dump and Dee’s Diner. Call 740.590.8217. (more…)

Two Lost Dogsposted on 05/21/16

Two dogs went missing together behind the airport in Albany last night. One is a light brown male Pit/Pug Mix, wearing a brown and tan collar. The other is a brown with brindle stripe female Terrier Mix, wearing a pink collar. Please call 740-707-5740 if you see these dogs

Found Jack Russellposted on 05/19/16

There was a found black and white Jack Russell with no collar or tags that was found in the Perry Ridge area. Call Linda Monroe at 740-541-9158

Lost Dogposted on 05/09/16

A male Pug/Beagle mix with a curly tail. Weaing a collar with a leash.  The dog’s name is Skeeter and was lost in the area of Walmart/Lowes in Athens.  Robert  740-590-9693

Found black dogposted on 05/04/16

Found black female pup – Vinton County OH on Vinton Station Road with pink collar.  Call 740-591-1260. (more…)

Lost Mix Dogposted on 04/30/16

There was a lost white and tan dog, around 60 pounds who has a blocky head and is very friendly. He is wearing a multi-colored collar and comes to the name Jack. He was last seen around Strouds Run. Call Rachel at 740-818-4521

Found Puppy (see picture)posted on 04/28/16

Found black female puppy near Ponderosa on East State Street Athens Ohio. She is wearing a black collar and no tags. Possible French Bulldog mix. Call 937-522-1738 (more…)

Lost Dogposted on 04/28/16

There was a lost Pit/Shepherd mix that was last seen on First Street in Athens. She’s mostly black with a white chest, and comes to the name Nina, and is wearing a purple collar with no tags. Call jason – 513-600-8568

Found Catposted on 04/28/16

There was a found long haired grey female cat with orange accents, looks under a year old, found on South Canaan Road near Mansfield. Call Tim at 740-593-6408

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