Have you lost or found a pet?
If so, please call 740.593.6651 and let us know!

If you have in fact lost a dog, please check with the Athens County Dog Shelter as it may be there. Click Here to be directed to the Athens County Dog Shelter on Petfinder. The shelter is also an adoption center. There are many wonderful dogs available for adoption, maybe one that is perfect for you! They are open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10:00 to 5:00, Wednesday 10:00 to 7:00, Saturday 10:00 to 1:00 and Closed on Sundays (hours may be subject to change).

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Found Dogposted on 05/20/14

Male, looks like a really tall Chihuahua, all brown in color not wearing a collar.  Found near % points in New Marshfield.  Call Dennis @ 664-6706.

Lost Dogposted on 05/20/14

Male German Sheppard, weighs about 30-40 lbs.  Wearing a red collar, his name is Elroy and he went missing near the Market on State Mall.  Call John @ 740-591-0450.

Lost catposted on 05/20/14

Male, neutered Tabby, about 10 yr old.  His name is Benny and he is missing form the Porter Lane area in The Plains.  Call Diane @ 591-4196.

Found Catposted on 05/14/14

Female Tabby, not wearing a collar.  Found in the Radford Road/Estates Drive area.  Call Jenny @447-8000.

Found Dogposted on 05/12/14

Male Brindle Boxer, wearing a choker chain collar. Very young in age but big in size.  Found near the Last Chance Corral on Old SR 33.  Call 590-8479.

2 Found Dogposted on 05/02/14

Ones a Black Lab, looks about 5 yrs old, the other is a Labor-doodle that looks older.  Both are wearing a collar.  Found in the Baker/Marion Johnson Road area.  Call Nate @ 591-7277.

Lost Catposted on 05/01/14

Male, neutered, all white with a striped tail and about 5 spots on body and head.  Very friendly but shy.  His name is Lightning and he was lost on the Coolville Ridge Road area.  Call Sheryl @ 541-4408 or 593-8104.  There is a reward.

Found Dogposted on 04/30/14

Female, Husky, brown and black in color.  Very friendly, about 1 yr old, not wearing a collar.  Found on Congress Run in Glouster.  Call Brook @ 517-1144.

Lost Catposted on 04/28/14

There was a lost short haired male tabby cat last seen across from Miller’s Chicken on the West Side of Athens. He’s very friendly, might be wearing a red collar with a bell and might come to the name Grandpa. If found, call Nicole at 937-594-3266

Found Dogposted on 04/26/14
There was a found white fluffy dog near the Dairy Barn. Very small and very friendly.
Call Lynn - 740-517-4135
Lost Catposted on 04/24/14

Male, orange and beige in color not wearing a collar.  His name is Apollo and he is missing from the State Street area near Avalanche Pizza.  Call Alex @ 518-423-3505.

Lost Dogposted on 04/22/14

Male Hound mix, black and brown in color.  Wearing a brown collar, his name is Spike.  Lost in  the Shell Hill/Glouster area.  Call Amanda @ 818-1733.

Lost Dogposted on 04/21/14

Male Red Healer wearing a collar with tags.  Lost on Mill School Road.  Call 740-707-6682.00

Lost Puppyposted on 04/14/14

Female, 6 mth old red nosed Pitt Bull, she is red and white in color.  Wearing a pink collar and her name is Bella.  Lost on Locust Street in Glouster.  Call Brenda @ 740-447-1977.

Found Mix Dogposted on 04/12/14

There was a found what looks to be a female Pit Mix dog, around forty pounds with white and tan markings. She has a brown and blue argyle collar with no tags and was found on Central Avenue near West Elementary. Call Hiram at 216-346-1063

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