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2012-13 All-Southeast District AP Teams

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — The 2012-13 Associated Press Southeast All-District boys and girls basketball teams, as selected by a media panel from the district, with height, year and regular-season scoring average:
FIRST TEAM: Tristan Myers, Logan, 6-2, sr., 14.3.
Special Mention
Anthony McNeal, Logan.
(Selections limited due to lack of schools in division in district)

FIRST TEAM: Evan Maddox, Proctorville Fairland, 5-11, jr., 17.0; Dillon Young, Circleville Logan Elm, 6-0, jr., 17.8; Evan French, Vincent Warren, 6-4, jr., 19.5; Joe Burrow, Athens, 6-3, soph., 16.0; Zach Johnson, Chillicothe, 6-4, sr., 19.5; Jordan Kidd, McArthur Vinton County, 6-2, sr., 19.0; Jordan Barr, Lancaster Fairfield Union, 5-9, jr., 20.4.
Player of the year: Evan French, Vincent Warren.
Coaches of the year: Blane Maddox, Vincent Warren; Jeff Skinner, Athens.
SECOND TEAM: Blake Baldwin, Wash. C.H Miami Trace, 6-1, sr., 14.1; Derek Shaw, Wash. C.H. Washington, 6-2, sr., 15.0; Reece Patton, Vincent Warren, 6-4, jr., 14.7; Ibi Watson, Athens, 6-2, fresh., 15.3; L.B. Remy, McArthur Vinton County, 6-1, sr., 12.0; Chase Detillion, Chillicothe Unioto, 6-5, sr., 13.0; Cody Midkiff, Proctorville Fairland, 6-0, sr., 10.0; Justin Bailey, Gallipolis Gallia Academy, 6-2, sr., 15.0.
THIRD TEAM: Logan Thompson, Circleville Logan Elm, 6-2, jr., 13.3; Justin Hill, Circleville, 5-9, soph., 10.7; Cedric Pettiford, Wash. C.H. Miami Trace, 6-3, soph., 11.4; Conner Eckles, Wash. C.H. Washington, 5-9, jr., 12.0; Corey Hill, Marietta, 6-2, soph., 11.6; Michael Hall, Vincent Warren, 6-5, soph., 11.8; Kyle Strange, Chillicothe Unioto, 5-11, soph., 9.8; Jean Paul White, Waverly, 5-9, sr., 12.8; Ryan Faulconer, Greenfield McClain, 6-2, soph., 12.3; Jarrod Hart, Hillsboro, 5-11, sr., 17.8; Matt Freville, Thornville Sheridan, 6-4, sr., 11.6; Ethan Kunkler, New Lexington, 6-2, sr., 11.7.
Special Mention
Josh Stewart, Lancaster Fairfield Union; Dylan Leffingwell, Vincent Warren; Evan Yabs, Vincent Warren; Jared Elmore, Athens; Cody Call, Gallipolis Gallia Academy; Tommy Bolte, Chillicothe; Nick Corcoran, Chillicothe Unioto; Bryce Arledge, Chillicothe Unioto; Brent Shannon, Greenfield McClain; Jordan Captain, Hillsboro; Luke Fox, Thornville Sheridan; Alex Bryant, New Lexington; Tyler Neal, Jackson; Braden Riley, Marietta; Philip Hart, Waverly.

FIRST TEAM: Austin McBee, Minford, 6-0, sr., 21.3; Zac Carter, Ironton, 5-9, sr., 24.1; Trey Fletcher, Ironton, 6-6, sr., 20.5; Jayllen Carter, Portsmouth, 6-2, sr., 20.4; Javon Thompson, Chesapeake, 6-2, sr., 17.4; Chase Lawson, Sardinia Eastern Brown, 6-2, sr., 18.3; Craigen Moore, Piketon, 6-2, sr., 19.0; Trent Arey, Peebles, 5-11, sr., 21.6.
Player of the year: Zac Carter, Ironton.
Coach of the year: Mark LaFon, Ironton.
SECOND TEAM: Dakota Hoffman, Belpre, 5-11, sr., 16.8; Shawn Parsons, Stewart Federal Hocking, 5-9, sr., 12.4; Marc Carter, Nelsonville-York, 5-9, sr., 11.6; Michael Hafer, W. Portsmouth Portsmouth West, 6-3, jr., 14.0; Dylan Miller, Wheelersburg, 6-3, jr., 15.7; Trevor White, Ironton, 6-4, sr., 10.0; Wes Beam, Chillicothe Zane Trace, 6-5, sr., 14.3; Brandon Barnes, South Point, 6-2, jr., 17.8; Conor Markins, Coal Grove Dawson-Bryant, 6-2, jr., 17.4; Alec Smith, Lynchburg-Clay, 6-4, sr., 17.4; Nathan Scott, Sardinia Eastern Brown, 6-2, jr., 17.4; Zach Farmer, Piketon, 6-4, sr., 16.0; Luke Hammond, Oak Hill, 6-3, sr., 15.0; Hayden Dunn, Lucasville Valley, 6-4, jr., 15.8; Jordan West, Lucasville Valley, 6-6, jr.,
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THIRD TEAM: Alek Stonerock, Williamsport Westfall, 6-5, sr., 16.8; Kaileb Sheets, Pomeroy Meigs, 6-1, fresh., 8.0; Braden Jones, Albany Alexander, 6-1, sr., 17.4; Drew Scarberry, McDermott Northwest, 6-4, soph., 16.5; Jared McCray, Minford, 6-6, jr., 15.2; J.B. Travis, W. Portsmouth Portsmouth West, 6-1, sr., 13.0; Pierce Mowery, Chillicothe Zane Trace, 5-9, fresh., 14.1; Michael Bryant, Frankfort Adena, 5-11, sr., 11.0; Austin Hice, Chillicothe Southeastern, 6-5, jr., 12.0; Clay Stratton, Bainbridge Paint Valley, 6-0, soph., 12.5; Jacob Kellough, Chillicothe Huntington, 5-10, jr., 11.1; Austin Collins, Ironton Rock Hill, 5-11, soph., 12.8; Alex Bare, Coal Grove Dawson-Bryant, 5-10, sr., 12.2; Kris King, Seaman North Adams, 6-1, sr., 11.7; Isaac Brabson, Piketon, 6-1, sr., 11.0; Caleb Jago, Crooksville, 5-10, sr., 14.3; Toriano Smith, Wellston, 6-3, sr., 14.0; Drew Haislop, Oak Hill, 5-11, sr., 14.0; Beau Justice, Peebles, 6-0, soph., 23.9.

Special Mention

Nick Therriault, Belpre; Ryan Leasure, Belpre; Treay McKinney, Pomeroy Meigs; Dillon Boyer, Pomeroy Meigs; Ethan Dovenbarger, Bidwell River Valley; Colt Adams, Nelsonville-York; Will Howard, Lucasville Valley; Chris Flowers, Lucasville Valley; Kenton Gullion, Minford; Connor Smith, Chillicothe Zane Trace; Eric Hutton, Chillicothe Zane Trace; Dylan Miles, Chillicothe Southeastern; Elijah Shanks, Chillicothe Huntington; Payne Meadows, South Point; Brandon Adkins, Coal Grove Dawson-Bryant; Ryan Inman, Lynchburg-Clay; Devin Pierson, Lynchburg-Clay; Josh Glover, Ironton; Mitchell Swingle, Crooksville; Lake Channel, Crooksville; James Sellars, West Union; Dean Hall, West Union; Justus Ousley, Wellston; Dakota Brown, Wellston; Garrin Stiltner, Oak Hill.


FIRST TEAM: Justin Mahlmeister, Ironton St. Joseph, 6-4, sr., 18.0; Shane Buckley, New Boston Glenwood, 5-9, sr., 23.0; J.P. Kayser, Portsmouth Notre Dame, 6-0, sr., 15.2; Justin Crager, Sciotoville Community East, 6-1, sr., 16.5; Max Carnahan, Reedsville Eastern, 5-11, sr., 16.4; Tristen Wolfe, Racine Southern, 6-1, soph., 16.1; Doc Seip, Mowrystown Whiteoak, 6-2, sr., 18.0; Quentin Williams, Leesburg Fairfield, 5-11, sr., 21.6; Chad Lands, Beaver Eastern, 5-10, sr., 21.2; Tavares Pickett, Beaver Eastern, 6-3, sr., 15.0.

Player of the year: Chad Lands, Beaver Eastern.

Coach of the year: P.J. Fitch, Beaver Eastern.

SECOND TEAM: Tyler Rowe, Willow Wood Symmes Valley, 6-1, jr., 13.4; Kevin Lewis, Portsmouth Notre Dame, 6-0, sr., 13.4; Patrick Bias, Sciotoville Community East, 6-10, sr., 19.6; Levi Cook, South Webster, 5-10, jr., 14.4; Austin Shriver, Waterford, 6-2, sr., 12.8; Elijah Rader, Corning Miller, 6-2, soph., 14.5; Seth Goddard, South Webster, 6-0, sr., 14.2; Brayden Greer, Crown City South Gallia, 5-10, soph., 16.9

THIRD TEAM: Eli Lewis, Ironton St. Joseph, 6-4, sr., 12.0; Austin Baldwin, Willow Wood Symmes Valley, 6-4, sr., 11.3; Trent Marcum, Franklin Furnace Green, 6-2, jr., 11.5; Eldin Sarajlic, Portsmouth Clay, 6-5, jr., 11.4; Michael Mader, Portsmouth Notre Dame, 6-2, sr., 10.2; Jacob Kish, Glouster Trimble, 6-1, jr., 10.0; Luke Taggert, Mowrystown Whiteoak, 5-11, sr., 14.1; Ryan Bates, Leesburg Fairfield, 6-2, jr., 12.3; Nick Shanks, Latham Western, 6-0, soph., 13.9; Braxton Gaffin, Manchester, 6-5, sr., 13.5.

Special Mention

D.J. Miller, Willow Wood Symmes Valley; Tyler Crace, Franklin Furnace Green; Brian Moore, Waterford; Adam Pape, Racine Southern; Kirk Pullins, Reedsville Eastern; Skylar Hook, Corning Miller; Konner Standley, Glouster Trimble; Gage Carraher, Mowrystown Whiteoak; Gage Montgomery, Leesburg Fairfield; Dakota Garrett, Latham Western; Austin Smith,

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